вторник, 29 марта 2011 г.

ARX-4 Steampunk.

Работая над этим проектом я вдохновлялся гоночными машинами 20-х годов с двигателями от аэропланов. Двигатель - половина v-образной восьмерки.. В итоге получился скорее всего стимпанк.

When I worked on this project I was inspired by racecars of 20's equipped by airplane's engines. Engine - half of the v-shaped eight cylinders model. The result had been most likely steampunk.

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  1. Hello! Excellent work!! I'm a colombian auto journalist named Sebastian peñuela, from AutoMotores magazine (www.automotores.com.co)and will include your Steampunk Bike into a Great Motorcycle Concepts list. If possible i ask for your permission to publish some of these images you posted. Please contact me ASAP at juanp@periodicosasociados.com